Expanding your CRM program into the social realm can profoundly impact your brand, but having the right CRM tools available to measure the effectiveness of your SCRM systems should be a big part of that decision. Since the move to social CRM is typically made to further engage your customers, stay abreast of chatter surrounding your brand, gain market insight, and conduct an effective public relations program, having applications that let you gauge traffic volume, discover influencers, isolate key demographics, and track overall sentiment about your brand is essential. One of the most effective CRM tools for providing these analytic functions is Radian 6.

Radian 6 is a complete, cloud-based, social media monitoring system that provides a variety of modules for businesses that want to implement social CRM and monitor the activity using CRM tools. The system includes, among other applications, a Social Hub to monitor online conversations about your brand, an Engagement Console that allows you to engage in social commentary, an Insights module that lets you analyze where conversation about your brand originates, and a Mobile app so you can carry your social CRM application with you while on the road.

The collection of CRM tools that lets you monitor the health of your system is found in the Summary Dashboard module. This module generates a real-time snapshot of your brand as it is seen on social websites, and can be used to track social media campaigns, measure trends, and build a social media strategy for your business. It provides high-level overviews and drilled-down specifics for a variety of measurements depending on the depth required of the viewer.

Radian 6 captures and breaks down the social audience by demographic as one of its CRM tools for measuring social media impact. Participants can be categorized by age, gender, location, particular buying habits, or any other measure desirable for the business. Knowing who your audience is allows you to target marketing campaigns accordingly, as well as plan future marketing activities to attract a broader demographic.

The amount of conversation surrounding your brand – its volume – is another of Radian 6’s CRM tools. Current values and trends are tracked so you can see where you are now compared with previous periods. Volume data can be used in conjunction with marketing campaigns to measure “buzz,” or as a benchmark to tell you something is happening with your brand you need to be paying attention to, separated out by media type and source.

Knowing how social listeners feel about your brand is essential, since sentiment can change rapidly. Radian 6’s Sentiment section tracks positive and negative sentiment spikes, and provides a graph to see how your brand is trending over time. It also retains a snapshot of the last three positive and negative posts.

Another of the CRM tools used to measure social media impact is a section on influencers – the people or groups having the biggest impact in social media conversations. By knowing who they are, you can learn more about them and attract them into the fold or dissuade them from further commentary. A variety of different media channels are monitored for influencers, including video, blogs, forums, news site, Twitter, etc.

Finally, the Summary Dashboard in Radian 6 contains a section on content. The last of these CRM tools lets you know what people are saying about your brand by looking at the most used keywords, hashtag phrases, top-trending topics, and sample words from social traffic involving your business.

Managing the health and activity of the social conversations surrounding your company is essential to promoting your brand and influencing customer loyalty and sentiment. By knowing where you stand, you can mount effective marketing campaigns, and head off negative feelings before they begin to take root in the social community. The Radian 6 social media monitoring process is equipped with a variety of CRM tools that help you measure the impact of social media on your business.

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